Online Competition Prep Coach

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Online Competition Prep Coach

If you like to workout, your an athlete and you need to show off the total package, the you need a contest prep coach. Maybe you did a few shows and your not placing well. Our athletes crack the top 5, 95% of the time over 20 + years!  When it comes to competing, there are so many mental and physical commitments and demands that are required from you as an athlete. Many experience high amounts of stress, anxiety, and self-doubt which can put a damper on your journey, and your results. We have an incredible online competition prep coaching program, with over 30 years of bodybuilding experience


Whether you’re thinking about competing for the first time or have competed many times before, the same problems hold true for many competitors…

  • Lack Confidence In Structuring An Effective Pre-Contest Diet & Training Plan.
  • Fearful You Won’t Be Lean Enough On Show Day.
  • Worried About Loosing Hard Earned Muscle Mass.
  • Unreliable Feedback From Training Partners, Friends And Family.
  •  No Clear Plan Of Action After The Show
I provide bodybuilding contest prep services to clients both on a personal one to one basis and online for those who can’t reach me locally. The length of your prep and show date ultimately depends on your current level of conditioning, experience and personal goals.

We cater to bodybuilders, men’s physique, and men’s classic competitors. 


There are many reasons why online coaching is better than the old gym model.

Better Value

In-person training can cost hundreds of dollars an hour for two or three sessions per week. This can add up quickly! But online training packages are a fraction of the cost of in-person training, for the same level of expertise and guidance in your personal health journey.

No More Working around a Trainer’s Schedule

Let’s face it. We all live busy lives. And it’s sometimes hard to commit to a regular time to meet your personal trainer and hit the gym. But with an online training regimen, you can train whenever and wherever you like! You don’t need to work around your trainer’s schedule, and you don’t need to reschedule anything!

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