Online Competition Prep Coach

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Online Competition Prep Coach If you like to workout, your an athlete and you need to show off the total package, the you need a contest prep coach. Maybe you did a few shows and your not placing well. Our athletes crack the top 5, 95% of the time over 20 + years!  When it comes to competing, there are so many mental and physical commitments and demands that are required from you as an athlete. Many experience high amounts of stress, anxiety, and self-doubt which can put a damper on your journey, and your results. We have an incredible online competition prep coaching

Irina Vasilyeva Team BioMass

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We are so happy at Biomass Nutrition to have Irina Vasilyeva on Team Biomass!

David Scarpelli

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David Scarpelli, 2000 NPC world Champion,

Biani Xavier | Team Bio Mass Athlete

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Biani Xavier We at Biomass would like to say how thrilled we are to have Biani Xavier as part of Team Biomass. Biani is a fitness Lifestyle Coach and bikini athlete, now residing in Potomac, Maryland (Washington D.C. Metro Area). Originally from Brazil, Biani has a history as a worldwide model. She is a wife and mother of two, and has recently entered the arena as a competition bikini athlete. As a health, wellness and fitness expert, Biani is more than qualified to assist us here at Biomass.  She is helpful, knowledgeable, and is always coming up with innovative ways