Different Sorts Of Treatments For Ptosis

What Are The Different Sorts Of Treatments For Ptosis?

The primary options for any treatment are surgical and non-surgical. Still, some other options are also there, like Blepharoptosis correction (ศัลยกรรม หนัง ตา ตก, which is the term in Thai), Botox and many other also, let us put some light on them.

Surgical (Blepharoptosis):

  • Frontalis Sling Surgery:

In this process, a silicon sling is introduced with the frontalis muscle, which is situated in our forehead. After that, the surgeon connects one end of the sling with the eyelid and the other with the frontalis muscle in the forehead.

The reason to connect both ends with their respective connectors is that the frontalis muscle helps lift the eyelid. This surgical process is performed when the levator muscle, which is responsible for the lift of the eyelid, weakens or does not function.

  • Muller’s Muscle-Conjunctival Resection:

In this procedure, some parts of the muller, responsible for elevating the eyelid and membrane that covers the eye, are removed. Then, adjust the size of the modular muscle and conjunctiva; the primary goal of this surgery is to improve the elevation of the eyelid.

  • Levator Resection:

This surgical process is used to treat the condition of sagging and dropping of the upper eyelid. In this technique, the levator, which is responsible for lifting the eyelid, is shortened to improve its function. Adjusting the levator muscle’s size, the main aim of this surgery is to lift the eyelid to provide a better look.


  • Eyelid Crutches:

This mechanical device is used to deliver outer support and elevation to the saggy upper eyelids, basically ptosis. These crutches attach to the glass, which helps the eyelids lift and provide a natural look.

These can be adjusted according to the individual’s needs; it is the best solution for those experiencing a starting stage of eye dropping.

  • Botox:

Botulinum toxin, commonly known as botox, is used as an injectable on a temporary basis, which helps treat facial appearance by improving wrinkles and facial lines. The injected toxin is a numbing injection that breaks down the signal between the nerves of the area where it is injected, reducing the muscle on a temporary base.

In the case of upper eyelid dropping, the toxin is injected around the areas of the eye, basically near the levator muscle, which is getting loose; by injecting the toxin, the site relaxes temporarily, and the eyelid will work naturally.

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