Lip Surgery Can Help You To Look More Attractive And Confident

For the past few years, lip surgery (ตกแต่งริมฝีปาก, which is the term in Thai) has become the common thing for making their lips more prominent through cosmetic surgery. This transforms the lip by giving it a fuller or more defined look. In this surgery, the injection is used to provide the proper shape that we are looking for.

How Does It Work?

So this surgery was normally done in a clinic. So before proceeding further, they will run a few tests on you to know whether you are physically active for this surgery. Some people are born with thin lips, but few don’t feel happy with it, so they go for surgery which will provide a voluminous look to the lips, making them more appealing and naturally boosting their confidence.

How Long For The Surgery?

It will take a little time. If you have uneven lips, like the upper lip is thinner than the lower one, that can also be resolved. The doctor will insert an injection in your lip, anaesthesia, and then cut the extra meat out of the thicker lip, making it even. Similarly, if you desire a fuller lip, the doctor will inject a few vitamins and fluids to make it a bit voluminous.

Things To Take Care Of

So the person can go home on the same day, but a few things need to remember after the lip surgery,

1. Try not to bite your lips

2. Refrain from taking vitamins, noodles, and hot tea for a few days.

3. Swelling will happen, so take the medication appropriately to heal quickly.

4. Try to clean the wounds regularly so that blood stains are not there.

5. If the pain remains for a few days, consult your physician immediately.

6. Massage your lips daily as instructed by the doctor to maintain blood flow.


So while doing lip surgery, complications include bleeding, infections, and swelling. After the surgery, your lips will be numb, so try not to do lip movements for a few hours. Before proceeding further, try to get an idea about the surgery and consult an experienced physician who is an expert in this field, and that particular person can fulfil your wish of changing the lips you desire. One thing that needs to be understood is that this surgery can change the look of your lips, not the whole facial structure. So lip surgery enhances the physical appearance and has a positive psychological impact on an individual.

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