Fixed Artificial Teeth Based on Implants

Dentures were one of the main ways to replace missing teeth and have been used by many people since ancient times. These artificial teeth existed in ancient times in a mobile form, making it difficult for people to get used to these mobile dental prostheses. The mobility of artificial teeth has brought dissatisfaction to many people. As a dentist offering affordable dentures in Orangeville says, this issue has caused another type of artificial teeth with a fixed base to be created. Fixed dentures are a new generation of dentures that have received much attention. In the following, we will introduce more of this type of artificial teeth.

What Is a Fixed Denture?

As we mentioned earlier, with the increase in people’s dissatisfaction with removable artificial teeth, a new type of artificial teeth with a fixed base was used. These fixed artificial teeth are mounted on implant bases and are used for a long time. In this method, a metal skeleton is first made, then the artificial teeth are mounted on a pink base similar to the gum and placed in the mouth.

Fixed dentures have solved many of the problems caused by removable dentures, increasing their popularity. In this type of artificial tooth, the person does not see the artificial tooth as an independent body because this type of artificial tooth is completely fixed on the person’s jaw and gums and cannot be separated. So, as a result, they feel more comfortable about it.

Artificial teeth are generally less expensive than dental implants, which is one of the main reasons for the popularity of artificial teeth. Fixed artificial teeth, which are placed on implant bases, are also more affordable than single-tooth implants, which is why these dental prostheses are very popular.

Advantages of Fixed Dentures

According to the mentioned points, it is obvious that fixed dentures have many advantages over removable dentures. The main advantage of this type of artificial teeth is their stability, which is highly appreciated. Some of the other main advantages of fixed dentures are as follows:

  • Restoring the beauty of the smile in a short period
  • Restoring the power of speech and chewing food
  • Very high strength and durability of this type of dental prostheses compared to their movable type
  • Shorter recovery period than dental implants
  • More comfort than removable dentures
  • No need for bone grafting
  • The reasonable cost of fixed dentures compared to dental implants
  • Very low cost of artificial teeth restoration
  • This type of artificial tooth is very similar to the real teeth of people
  • No need to use adhesive pastes to keep artificial teeth on the gums and jawbone

Care After Placement of Fixed Dentures

If your specialist dentist has confirmed that fixed dentures are a good option for your jaw and fixed dentures are placed in your mouth, you should take good care of these fixed dentures to increase their durability. Proper care of artificial teeth will increase their lifespan and improve their appearance.

Some of the main cares after placing a fixed denture in the mouth are as follows:

  • Compliance with oral and dental health
  • Daily brushing and not chewing foods may endanger the teeth’ strength. (Be careful to clean around the connections well.)
  • Be examined by a dentist every 6 months to ensure your fixed denture is not facing any problems.
  • Quick action to repair artificial teeth if needed.

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