MBLEx Prep Tips to Pass the Exam with Confidence

After graduating from massage school successfully, it is time to start your new career. You already proved your competence in a clinical and classroom setting. However, to become a licensed massage therapist you will need to pass the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination.

Massage school students with great skills feel anxious about the licensing exam and some students study day and night but without success. Fortunately, Bamboo is an online platform that offers a comprehensive MBLEx study guide. Below are some MBLEx Exam preparation tips to help you pass on the first attempt.

Challenge yourself

Common questions may make you feel you are all ready for the exam. So, use resources that challenge your knowledge.

Practice exams with time-limits

Students have run out of time at the exams and failed. Even if all the questions they answered were correct. The necessity was to answer every question. Some people are slow readers [have learning disabilities] or have test fear, so for them, 100 questions within 120 minutes is a challenge. Therefore nervous candidates need to practice timed simulations to avoid pressure during the real test scenario.

Be flexible

All the anatomy books differ in their origins and insertions. An intelligent student can fail because they got confused about some insertions. For example, the school book says gastrocnemius insertion as a heel bone or calcaneus. The study guide calls its tendo calcaneus. The practice questionnaire says calcaneus via Achilles tendon. Which one is correct?

Each one is correct. The question can be answered in several ways but the wording may not be the same. Never expect that everything will be asked from a single resource that matches the other resources used for drafting the exam paper.

Understand the exam

Get familiar with the current way the MBLEx gets conducted. Currently, CAT or Computer Adaptive testing method is used. You need to understand the exam paper format and how many questions in each category.

Invest in reliable study resources

Less retake before passing means you will start your career quickly with a license. There are countless resources but choose the updated ones including timed simulation tests, a study guide for review, and concentrates on practice quizzes to strengthen the weak areas.

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