What Is an Immediate Implant?

Immediate implant (one day) is introduced as one of the newest dental techniques. Immediate implants are a very good replacement for missing teeth. Immediate implant is one of the methods increasing in popularity every day and has become very popular. Immediate implants are mostly done for front teeth. Deciding to use an immediate implant may seem difficult, but this method has many advantages that can be considered a regret-free choice.

A dentist offering affordable dental implant in Vancouver emphasizes that the material of the immediate implant is titanium or its derivatives, and it is placed in the jaw in the form of a tooth base. The purpose of this foundation is to maintain the crown of the tooth; in other words, it is used as the root of a natural tooth. The titanium metal used in the implant should stay in the jaw bone for a few months to fuse well with the bone, and in the next step, the crown of the tooth will be attached to it.

The Difference Between an Immediate Implant and a Regular Dental Implant

In terms of the immediate implant placement method, it is different from normal implants. In the immediate implant method, if the length, width, and density of the jawbone are suitable, the prosthesis will be installed as soon as the natural tooth is removed on the same day of surgery. Normally, the implant will take about 3 months. However, the immediate implant will be performed on the same day of the surgery and replaced with the final prosthesis after about 3 to 5 months.

The immediate implant is made of plastic, is very light, and is usually made a little shorter than the surface of the other teeth and the chewing surface so that less pressure is applied to it when chewing food. The titanium implant is completely welded, and then the final implant is placed on the should be installed.

Immediate Tooth Extraction and Implant

As mentioned above, people who want to have an immediate implant must have conditions that the treating doctor can determine by examining whether the patient can use an immediate implant or not. If you have immediate implant conditions, you should know that the best time for an implant is after tooth extraction. So, if you have a tooth that needs to be pulled for various reasons, you should consult a specialist doctor and get an immediate implant after the tooth is pulled.

Immediate Implant with Laser

With the increase in science and knowledge in every field, especially treating all traditional methods, there have been changes. One of the biggest developments in the field of treatment is the use of lasers. In immediate implant using laser, complications are reduced. From other parts, the cost of laser implants should be mentioned, which is higher due to the use of modern technology. One of the advantages of this method is the reduction of complications, and the disadvantage of this method is the increase in costs.

Immediate Implant Application

People who have lost their front teeth have also lost a lot of self-confidence. By losing visible teeth, you lose part of your beauty. The most common use of this method is in the immediate implant of the front teeth so that you do not lose your beauty.

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