Rejuvenate and Relax Your Ever Working Spine with Massage and Exercise

Spine is composed of muscles, ligaments, and nerves. They are all connected throughout the body. Hence, it is important to keep your back upright. Massaging your body and back relaxes your muscles and increases the flow of blood. A few tips for your healthy spine are –

  • Ensure your spine is resting when you are sleeping

During your sleep, your spine structure that has worked hard all through the day gets an opportunity to rejuvenate and relax. This will be possible if you use the right pillow and the right mattress so that it supports your ligaments and spine can be stress-free.

It is your personal decision as to which pillow and mattress are to be chosen as per your comfort.  You should keep in mind that you get the right support at the right muscle and the correct position is attained.

  • Choose the right shoes

While on a walk, if it is an exercise or just for work, shoes have a result on your back. The shoes you were should be comfortable, flexible, and balanced. They act as a support to your spine and your body remains in alignment. The right shoes do not cause muscle strain and injury.

  • Enjoy the massage

Massage helps relieve stress and relaxes the muscles. Massages provide flexibility and improve the flow of blood. It also increases endorphins in the blood. It is a chemical, which makes you feel good. A massage chair at your place can also do the needful. This may provide you with the benefits of a Swedish massage.

  • Sit straight with support

The lower spine gets loaded more during sitting than standing. Hence, long hours of sitting can cause a painful back. Also, sitting on an office chair and leaning forward causes muscle tension and low back pain. Therefore, the right office chair is important for a good and supportive posture.

  • Exercise your back and abs

Exercise is the most important to stay fit. A healthy spine, back, and abdominal exercise will help. A 20 to 30-minute exercise daily can keep your back in good shape.

All these above tips shall help you keep healthier and back in alignment.

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