Follow A Few Tips on Health and Be Hale And Hearty

Every woman wants to be happy 24/7. We all wish to stay healthy forever. There are ample reasons to stay happier and healthier. Many of us are aware of them from various internet sources. Here are a few important tips a woman should do to keep herself healthy –

  • Plug your ears at a loud sound

Party at home is common, but loud concerts and fireworks can affect your hearing permanently. Proper earplugs fitted can limit the sound energy you are exposed to. While using your headphones, limit your sound to a sensible decibel level.

  • Take care of your contact lens

The lens is like sponge, if you put them under the tap, bacteria stick to it and enter your eyeball so be aware.

  • Have power naps

Power naps will always keep you recharged and will kill all your stress. Do not go for deep sleep i.e. more than 30 minutes. Studies have proved that deep sleep brings more refreshments.

  • Use sunglasses

This is like sowing now and you reap later. UVA and UBA rays have risks of damage to your eyes and can even cause cataracts. Therefore, sunglasses can protect you from these harmful rays.

  • Do not take extra calories

From 1995 to 2002, the calories consumed by Americans were almost doubled the quantity. These drinks included sodas, fruit juices, and alcohol. All these were Jamba juice people.

  • Know yourself

This is very important. Be familiar with your body composition, the cancer risk, and your family’s health history. Also, know your heart rate, cholesterol rates, and waist – to – hip ratio.

Know your body mass index. It is observed that women with a normal body mass ratios also have excessive fat. An easy way to know your body is analysis with bioelectric impedance. Once you are aware of your family’s history, do the necessary research, and consult your family physician. Your personal and health history will provide you with certain tips and precautions to be taken for your health.

Keep a regular check on your cholesterol rate and heart rate.  Lower the heart rate number, the better it is. Heart attacks can be predicted by the waist – hip ratio. Divide your smallest waist point and widest hip point the number should be 0.8 or lesser.

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