Soberlink: Helping Families Survive When a Parent Is Abusing Alcohol

In addition to the difficulties parents are already facing as a result of the epidemic, the lives of children are also being drastically altered. Schools around the nation have been forced to close for extended periods of time, only to reopen for short periods of time, and as a response, have implemented remote learning programs. Parents who have a history of alcoholism may worry that their children’s well-being may be jeopardized if they let their children spend more time at home due to pandemic pressures.

Increased hostility, loss of control, mental disarray, and diminished coordination may all be side effects of excessive alcohol drinking among a co-parent. There are long-term physical, psychological, and emotional consequences to displaying any of these symptoms in front of a young kid. Even as our society gets more and more disconnected, it is crucial for parents with alcohol addiction to supervise their children’s intake.

Monitoring Alcohol in a Remotely Placed World

As a result of the epidemic, many people have had to alter their daily habits. For parents who have a history of drug misuse and may have depended on their old habits to keep clean, this is particularly important. In the absence of routines that emphasize accountability and responsibility, these persons are more prone to relapse. Individuals with mental health issues may become more vulnerable to relapse as we move towards a more distant environment. Individuals should adopt new habits and routines to replace the old ones in order to ensure their health and well-being.

The epidemic has also had an impact on traditional alcohol testing methods. To get a copy of their lab findings or undergo testing, several of these methods include a trip out of the house. Even before COVID, these diagnostic processes might take a long time to arrange, conduct, and receive lab findings. These operations were further hampered as shutdown orders, conflicts regarding which sectors qualified as important enterprises, and what safety measures were required to be implemented further delayed them as the epidemic started to settle in. The number of COVID cases is growing at an alarming rate, making it more dangerous for patients and their families to leave their homes for testing.

Soberlink’s Alco-Monitoring Technology

It is now easier than ever to monitor a child’s alcohol usage from the comfort of their own home thanks to new technologies. The Soberlink system combines a professional-grade breathalyzer with a wireless connection for a complete approach to remote alcohol monitoring. As a consequence, customers will be able to take the test from any location and obtain their results very immediately.

To guarantee that remote testing can proceed without the risk of user authentication problems or device manipulation, Soberlink is equipped with face recognition technology. All concerned parties will get immediate notification of each user’s test results through Soberlink’s cloud-based management software when they use the system, which records their BAC and sends it to the testing component.

There’s been a decade-long usage of Soberlink alcohol monitoring services for family law in the United States The technology has been dubbed “The Experts in Remote Monitoring TechnologyTM” by industry professionals, allowing parents to continue monitoring their children’s alcohol use without interruption. This also means that customers do not have to leave their homes to be tested for COVID, safeguarding both their own health and the health of their family in the process.

A co-parent who is anxious about their child’s safety might have peace of mind thanks to smart technology. Soberlink monitoring helps families who are dealing with the effects of alcoholism to have more secure arrangements for co-parenting, which is more important in today’s increasingly dispersed society.

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