The Benefits of Microneedling and Why Should You Try It?

If you are into cosmetic procedures, then you probably have heard of the procedure called microneedling. In this article, we will discuss microneedling, what is it all about, and should you consider having such a procedure. As the name suggest, microneedling is a procedure that primarily uses fine needles to address various skin concerns such as fine lines, stretch marks, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and acne scars.

Tiny holes on the outermost layer of the skin are created using thin needles. The holes are purposely created to create damage and the skin’s natural response is to activate healing, which will aid in the production of elastin and collagen – substances that make the skin youthful. These are proteins that make the skin smooth and firm. This procedure is usually done on the face, but what many people don’t know is that it can also be performed on other areas of the body such as the neck, back, and legs.

Let us dig deeper into the effects of microneedling

– It is effective in addressing common skin issues such as fine lines and wrinkles –

As you age, skin aging starts to become prominent as shown in fine lines and wrinkles particularly on the forehead, around the eyes, and areas around the mouth. What microneedling does is it boosts the production of elastin and collagen to combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These proteins; collagen and elastin provide more structure and strength to the skin. Thus, the reason why after several microneedling sessions, the skin looks more radiant and youthful.

– It is helpful in people battling with scars –

As mentioned above, microneedling helps stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, which is helpful in addressing scars, especially acne scars. However, if you are targeting raised or keloid scars, microneedling might not be the best procedure for such problems.

– It has anti-aging benefits –

Wrinkles and uneven skin tone are not the only signs of aging. As you age, your skin becomes dull and saggy. It loses elasticity. With microneedling, the formation of collagen and elastin are improved, thus, improving the overall structure of the skin. In just a few sessions, you will notice visible results. The skin looks radiant and youthful, less saggy and more vibrant.

– It addresses sun damage –

Constant exposure to sunlight may have a drastic effect on the skin. Overtime you start to notice age spots, melasma, and hyperpigmentation. If you notice uneven skin tone as a result of sun exposure, you can benefit from microneedling. As mentioned above, microneedling has the ability to stimulate the formation of skin proteins collagen and elastin. The very reason why the skin becomes radiant and glowing feeling like bringing back the hands of time.

– It improves pores –

Don’t you know that microneedling can help address skin pores? If you are among those people who have visible pores, you should try microneedling. In just one session, you will notice a significant reduction in pore size. The reduction in pores is caused by collagen buildup. It plumps the skin so the pores look less noticeable.

– It improves the appearance of stretch marks –

One of the good things about microneedling is that it cannot only be done on the face, but also on other parts of the body. If you have stretch marks on the belly, thighs, and breast part, you can benefit from microneedling. Stretch marks are inevitable, especially if you undergone pregnancy or lose a significant amount of weight.

– It reduces rosacea flareup and improves acne –

Those suffering from rosacea always tend to have skin issues, especially during flare up. The good news is that rosacea can be tamed down by microneedling. Again, it is caused by the effect of collagen formation, which replaces the breakdown of collagen caused by rosacea. Apart from rosacea, microneedling can also help address acne problems. In fact, if you are suffering from acne, microneedling can help promote the effectiveness of topical products used for acne. As a matter of fact, not only acne products, but anti-aging products such as moisturizers and serums. As you make microneedling a part of your skin regimen, you will notice that your skin becomes more radiant, glowing, and youthful.

Microneedling might not be one of your cosmetic procedure options, but upon checking the benefits mentioned above, you will surely consider having such a procedure one of these days. It is packed with all the good stuff plus it is not just effective but also safe. As a matter of fact, it has a fewer side effects when compared to procedures like chemical peels and laser. The best thing about microneedling is that it has little to no downtime. It would only take a few minutes of rest and you can actually go back to your usual activities of daily living.

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