What Are Different Types of Dental Implants?

Dental implants are long-lasting treatments to enhance your dental and oral health or condition. This dental treatment will increase the quality of your life and can replace your lost and missed tooth easily and naturally. Since there are too many implant materials available in dental clinics, you will need help choosing. You need to consider each implant material’s different features and benefits and select the most suitable one. You may also need essential tips and recommendations to decide about implant materials. A professional cosmetic dentist can help you the most after examining your dental and oral condition. Which one do you prefer the most? As a dentist offering dental implants in Vancouver says, some dentists recommend using endosteal implants, while others prefer subperiosteal ones. What can you do? Of course, you have to follow your cosmetic dentist’s recommendation. Here are some of the most common materials on implants.

Zygomatic Dental Implants

Are you suffering your hard bone loss? Do you miss your upper jawbone or the lower one? Answering these questions will determine whether a Zygomatic implant is good for you.

Based on gathered reports, this implant is primarily suitable for those who experience severe and complicated bone loss. These people cannot experience ordinary endosteal implants. They may need some repairing process on their cheekbone and jawbone.

Note that this kind of implant takes a lot of work to perform. Cosmetic dentists have operated dental surgery, unique dental treatment plans, and techniques to locate Zygomatic implants.

Try to find a professional and skillful cosmetic dentist who is aware of different implant materials and their features or advantages. Only a well-experienced cosmetic dentist with enough expertise can perform a Zygomatic implant for you.

Mini Dental Implant

As the name shows, mini implants are smaller than ordinary dental implants. They have small diameters in comparison with endosteal implants. Dental laboratories create and design them for special occasions.

People with less bone density are good choices and candidates for mini implants. Cosmetic dentists will use these implants in small areas to compensate for bone loss. These mini implants are ready to support dentures.

If you are using removable dental materials, mini implants can be your best choice. This implant also supports removable appliances in patients’ mouths. Choose mini implants if you are looking for less invasive implants.

As you know, traditional implants are so invasive, and you will experience a hard recovery and healing time. In contrast, cosmetic dentists can perform mini implants only during a single dental session.

These 2 types of implant materials may not be as common as endosteal implants, but they can be good choices for many patients. Endosteal can get into your jawbone directly, while these implants differ slightly.

Every implant material can restore and replace your lost or missed tooth and improve your attractive smile. Additionally, according to different patients’ opinions and comments, implants are the most effective and exciting dental treatments.

As a final note, you are the last decider about implant materials, but following your trusted cosmetic dentist’s advice will be helpful.

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