What All There Is To Understand About Ptosis? 

What is ptosis (ptosis คือ, which is the term in Thai)? A sagging upper eyelid is another name for eyelid ptosis. An individual’s vision is compromised and, in certain situations, can be blocked if the tip of the eyelid droops down sufficiently. To see clearly in a few serious instances of ptosis, some people have to bend their heads back slightly, and they may have to utilize their hand to raise the sagging eyelid blocking their view.

What Causes Ptosis?

A muscle that is not fully grown is the source of congenital ptosis, which manifests at birth. The eyelid tendon thins with age and contributes to the sagging eyelid more frequently in adults. It can occur as people become older, as a result of trauma or tumors, in people who wear contact lenses, and it can even occur in people who have neurological disorders like myopathy or nerve palsy.

Who Qualifies As A Candidate For Ptosis Repair?

You will be seen by a trained oculoplastic specialist to examine your eye or eyes. They will check for any asymmetry in the center and top parts of your face. The upper lids will also be measured, and photos will be obtained. The doctor performing the surgery employs a microscope to examine the region behind the eyelids in addition to the front area. The choices you made will then be shown to you.

The Ptosis Treatment

The procedure requires local anesthesia. It will be completed in one day. To help you with the numbness, the doctor injects and applies anesthesia as drops into the eye. They cut the crease along with shortening the tendons that raise the eyelids to life the lids properly.

Following An Operation

After the treatment, you need to put on an eye cover for a minimum of 24 hours to 48 hours. You might have to encounter some upper eyelid puffiness for almost a week. In addition to keeping the opening dry, you need always make sure it is clean. There shouldn’t be any discharge generated by the site, you need to tell the surgeon right away. The doctor offers you thorough instructions on the best ways to treat the wound, and you could or might not be given an antibiotic gel or cream as medicine to be applied to the incision.


Numerous aspects might change the cost of Ptosis surgery. The skills of your surgeon could also influence the cost along with the location of the process, the surgery required, as well as other factors.

Selecting A Ptosis Surgery Surgeon

It doesn’t matter what the surgery is when it comes to picking a surgeon; it’s essential to feel at ease with them. It is acceptable to inquire about services and request samples of their work in the form of images.

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