Go Walk Run Swim Dance Exercise Enjoy Have Fun and Stay Fit

People who are physically active enjoy a healthier and happier life than others. People suffering from arthritis have a common problem relating to physical inactivity. This inactivity leads to health risk, diabetes, cardio issues, and osteoporosis. Stiff joints, less tolerance, weak muscles all can be worse due to inactivity. Therefore, work out is very essential for someone with arthritis.

A few fast facts are –

  • Daily occupational tasks and leisure action make up physical activity for those affected by arthritis. Therefore, exercise becomes important.
  • Regular exercise can result in less pain, improved sleep, more energy, and better daily functioning.
  • Start with low-intensity exercises and you can proceed with a successful exercise program.

Starting the exercise program

Starting the exercises can be challenging. Understand the profit of exercise and take the help of your therapist. They can guide you with the safe and best exercises to start with.

  • Decide on when and how long to exercise.
  • Set milestones and achieve them.
  • Maintain an exercise log and exercise with your friend.
  • Identify the problems you are facing while exercising and plan to get ahead of them.
  • Go for inexpensive, convenient, and fun exercises.

Maintaining the right balance in exercise is a success. The three levels of exercises are –

  • Therapeutic

Therapeutic exercises are for particular imbalance or body parts. It is necessary for individuals, who are inactive or have less muscle strength.

  • Recreational

These leisure activities are to be done in a restricted manner and it has no risk of injury or stress. These exercises cannot be replaced with therapeutic exercises. These include swimming, walking, running, etc.

  • Competitive

These are high intensity exercises for a long time and need skill and training. This cannot be done by those, who are suffering from arthritis or joint problems. A physical therapist can help with the right advice.

Exercise is necessary for everyone, but at a safe level. Regular moderate exercise improves health.  Four major types of exercises that form a part of all exercising programs and even heal arthritis are –

  • Flexibility exercises
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Aerobic exercises
  • Body awareness exercises

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