How To Maintain Your Body Fitness In This Exhausting Summer?

Summer can squeeze out all your energy and bring certain health issues that may ruin the flavor of the season. Poor body fitness may worsen the situation. Therefore it is high time that you start maintaining your fitness level without being the victim of summer.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drink water as much as possible to beat the heat. In summer, our body falls under the trap of losing water through massive sweating. Replenish the loss by drinking salted water or fruit juice. Even if you are inside an AC room, your body gets dehydrated.

Say No to Caffeine

Fatigue is a common symptom during hot summer days. To charge ourselves up, we lift a cup of coffee/tea or a bottle of aerated cold drink. One or two caffeinated drinks per day boost energy and mental alertness but anything more than that makes you prone to anxiety, irritability, and reduced performance.

Eat Heavy Breakfast

It’s a common notion that skipping breakfast helps lowers the bodyweight but the truth is not the same. Breakfast is the most essential and critical part of our diet system. After 8 to 9 hours of starvation, our brain needs glucose for fuel. Choose a Carbohydrate-rich breakfast to boost your internal system.

Do Not Skip Meals

Going without food for more than three hours allows your sugar level to dip and makes you feel dizzy. Try to eat at regular intervals in small portions. It will maintain your body weight while managing your energy levels throughout the day.

Relax Your Mind

Due to the uncomfortable climatic conditions in summer, we tend to feel tired physically. If you have to bear the extra load of an exhausted mind then there is nothing worst. Worry less and try some easy meditation postures to keep your mind calm and relaxed.

Keep your exercise schedule intact

Summer means perspiration but that does not allow you to stay away from exercise. You must supplement the excess perspiration by taking plenty of water. Exercise will keep your muscles relaxed in the hot summer and provide you with a lot of stamina to sustain.

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