Skin Augmentation: A Step Towards Care For Your Face

Nowadays, People are more concerned about their physique, especially their facial looks. Chin Augmentation is very popular amongst the youth and working-age groups. It enhances the look of the face and Gives a suitable shape to the front, and it resolves the issues related to the chin.

Read More (อ่านต่อ, which is the term in Thai) about Chin Augmentation in this article.

Chin Augmentation

It is a facial surgery that gives the chin a new shape and size. This Surgery aims to bring back the charm of the face. The process is carried out by either inserting an implant or moving the jawbones.

Surgical Procedure

X-Ray is the very first step toward Surgery. You might have x-rays of your face or chin taken, and the surgeon will use these x-rays to determine which part of your chin needs to be operated on.

An incision is made under the chin or within the mouth, which may cause swelling around the chin for up to 7 days.

· Chin Augmentation With The Help Of  Silicone

Before planning for Surgery, check the type of chin implant. It’s a silicone with a curved design and legs on both sides, and these legs represent our chin’s side edge. It can be broken down into two types, as follows:

· Short Chin Augmentation:

A short-leg chin implant with Silicone will allow both legs to protrude only slightly. The silicone base is tiny and narrow, and best suits those with a small chin. And it gives a natural glow to the face.

· Long Chin Augmentation:

The Silicone in the long chin augmentation will have two legs protruding from the base. Long-legged neck chin augmentation can preserve the cheek and chin connection, and it will give a slim look to your face. The doctor can trim the legs until they meet the patient’s chin. Make it seamless, beautiful, and smooth.

Now The Question Arises For Whom Chin Augmentation Suits Well?

The answer to this may vary from person to person based on their looks. People who fall under the following category seek this treatment:

  • The Ones With Short Chin
  • People Who Have Severed Chin
  • The Ones Who Have Reversed Chin
  • People Who Have Dimples On Their Chin
  • The Category Of Those Who Desire For More Good Loos In Their Face
  • A Person With An Asymmetrical Face
  • The Ones Who Have Round Faces Or Several Cheeks On The Face

Drawbacks Of Chin Augmentation

There are always two possibilities for an event. Either a positive or a negative outcome. There are some unsuccessful chin augmentations too.

It is therefore advised to consult a trusted dermatologist. Constantly research well before taking any step towards your beauty treatment. Look onto the feedback of patients for the particular doctor or their clinic. At last, have a smile on your beautiful face always.

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