Why You Need A Medical Marijuana Card In NY

If you are a resident of a state that has legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes, then you may be wondering whether or not you should get a medical marijuana card in NY. The truth is that there are many benefits to having a card – even if you don’t plan on using marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Some of the benefits of having a medical marijuana card include:

1. Less hassle and shorter lines at the dispensary:

If you have a medical marijuana card, then you can skip the line at your favourite dispensary. This is because dispensaries are required by law to treat patients with a card as a higher priority than customers who do not have one. They also allow you to purchase more than what is allowed for recreational users.

2. The ability to purchase more:

In many states that have legalized marijuana, there are limits on how much cannabis you can buy at one time. If you have a medical marijuana card, then this limit won’t apply to you. This means that if you want to buy more than an ounce of cannabis or concentrates, then all you need to do is go get your card and start shopping!

3. Potentially lower taxes:

If you live in an area where cannabis is legal, then it is possible that your taxes may be lower if you have a medical marijuana card. This will depend on each state and its laws regarding taxation, but it is worth checking into before making your decision.

4. The ability to grow your own medical marijuana plants:

If your state allows home cultivation of cannabis plants, then having a medical marijuana card will allow you to grow up to six plants at home without any restrictions whatsoever. This can be very helpful if there isn’t a dispensary near your home or work, or if there isn’t one that carries what you need today!

5. Access to even more dispensaries:

With a medical cannabis card, you can go to any dispensary in your state and purchase your favorite products without any issues. However, without one, you will have to go through all kinds of red tape just to get into the store! And even then, there is no guarantee that they will sell anything other than what the law allows them to sell. With a card, however, all dispensaries must accept it – which means that you can go anywhere and buy anything!

6. Discounts on marijuana products:

If you have a medical cannabis card, then you can receive discounts on various marijuana products. While some dispensaries offer sales and promotions to all customers, others will only offer these types of deals to patients who have verified their health status through a doctor’s note or card.

The difference between paying full price and getting an extra discount can add up over time! For example, if you buy $100 worth of cannabis every month, then your savings could add up to $1,200 per year!

7. More varieties of strains and products to choose from:

One benefit of having a medical cannabis card is that there are more varieties of strains and products available at dispensaries where they sell these products legally. According to Leafbuyer, there are over 30 different types of strains available in stores across the country!

8. The price is right with a medical cannabis card:

Another benefit that comes along with having a medical marijuana card is that it lowers the price of buying cannabis products at dispensaries or retail outlets like Kind Love or Colorado Harvest Company. This is because most dispensaries offer discounts for people who have valid medical marijuana cards from their state – so it pays off to get one if you plan on shopping there often!


You’ll enjoy several benefits if you have a medical marijuana card in NY. You should get this card if you live in a state where it is legal for medicinal purposes.

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